Master Franchise Recruitment in The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is often referred to as “The gateway to Europe”. This is because it has one of the best infrastructures in Europe. Every other European country is easily reachable via The Netherlands. Furthermore The Netherlands is a country with one of the highest densities of multi-lingual speakers. It’s not uncommon to come across a Dutch person who speaks at least a bit of three languages, sometimes four (usually Dutch, English, German and/or French). This makes The Netherlands a perfect place to expand your franchise. Either from outside or inside the EU.

The Netherlands has over 1,9 million entrepreneurs (2020). This is more than 1 in 10 people who have experience with entrepreneurship, with 17 million inhabitants. With over 1.000 claimed franchising concepts and over 31.000 franchisees, The Netherlands is a very mature market with regards to franchising.

Want to know how to enter this mature market and expand your franchise? Keep on reading below on how The National Franchise Guide can help you fulfill your goals.

About The National Franchise Guide

The National Franchise Guide was founded 20 years ago. It has grown to be the biggest franchise recruitment platform in The Netherlands. With over 3.000 succesfully recruited franchisees, over 1.000 franchisors active on the platform and more than 500+ leads processed each month, we are marketleader in the franchise recruitment market in The Netherlands. We currently service the market with several products/services:

  • The website –
  • Our weekly newsletter – Sent to over 25.000 aspiring entrepreneurs each week.
  • The National Franchise Guide – Printed book with contact and financial details of all the franchise concepts in The Netherlands.
  • The National Franchise Convention – The biggest network event in The Netherlands in. Over 150 franchisors attending.
  • The Dutch Franchise Expo – Organisor of the biggest franchise Expo of The Netherlands
  • The National Franchise Newspaper – A yearly tabloid sent to over 8.000 subscribers.

Each product has the highest reach in term of franchise leads.

The Dutch Franchise Expo

We also organise the Dutch Franchise Expo. This expo takes places in the first week of April. In 2021, the fair will take place on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of September. Visitors can get in touch with franchise formulas and specialists in the field of franchise. The fair will be held in 2021 at Hart van Holland in Nijkerk, which is in the centre of The Netherlands. Every year the franchise fair has a wide range of exhibitors. These are mainly franchise formulas that are looking for franchisees, but also specialists in franchise.

Click here for more information about our Expo.

Our process and way of working

The recruitment of Master franchisees requires a much different approach than the recruitment of ‘regular’ sub-franchisees. Succesfully finding a Master franchisee requires a custom campaign each and every time. Dependant on the required profile, size of the investment and the expansion wishes, we will formulate a recruitment campaign tailored to your needs.

However, every campaign consists of a few fixed elements. This includes a profile of your franchise on our website, a interviewservice in which we interview every candidate for your franchise and mention of the franchise in The National Franchise Guide. These products are used as a base to build the rest of the campaign on, which has yielded amazing responses for us thusfar.

Our compensation is two-fold. We always work on a fixed-fee and success-fee basis. This means that we will always ask for a upfront fixed fee. This is both to cover advertising and translation costs, but also to establish a commitment from both parties, to achieve the best possible results. After successfully finding the new Master franchisee, the success fee will be paid after the new Master signs the franchise contract.


The National Franchise Guide has successfully found multiple Master franchisees for The Netherlands. Some examples:







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